Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Benson Seth Probert

                                      Benson Seth Probert

Born July 16, 2015
7 lb 13 ounces
9:03 PM

It has been nearly six weeks since this little guy came into our life! He has changed our world and we are pretty obsessed with him. He is such a sweet little guy and has become our everything. 

I can hardly believe it has already been almost six weeks and I can already tell he has gotten SO much bigger. Someday I will look back at photos of him and think how tiny he is, but I already feel like he is almost out of the newborn stage. He is over 10 lbs now and has grown out of his newborn clothes and is in three month clothes! Although I hate that he is no longer as tiny, we are loving watching his sweet and funny personality start to develop.

At six weeks:

- He is starting to smile at us
- He makes the funniest sound every time he yawns (has done this since day 1)
- He is starting to become so bright-eyed and follows faces and figures
- He is not a great sleeper, and usually only gives me 2 hour increments (only thing I am not sad about him not being so newborn anymore!)
- He is so spoiled that he only will be rocked to sleep and loves falling asleep on people chest to chest
- He commonly has a very concerned/serious look on his face (something like "are you sure you are fit to raise me?")
- He loves baths and looks so cute when he's nakey
- He is the LOUDEST sleeper! Either snoring or growling...let's just say Seth and I don't get much restful sleep
- He has the sweetest disposition and almost everyone that meets him comments on his sweet spirit

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Seth's Graduation

So after three years of not posting, I figured it was time to get the blog back up and running...
Life is crazy right now and we are experiencing some big changes! The first step to life getting more real was Seth graduating from college.

Seth graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Exercise Science. Seth has worked so hard and was incredibly deserving of this day.

Anxiously anticipating his name being called!

The official handshake! Seth presented his research in Florida with this teacher, so it was cool that he was the one who gave him his diploma. 

Sorry, I just love the law line...

Seth and his buddy Tanner Zylstra

Tanner and Rylee became some of our best friends. Sad to say goodbye at graduation, but we are both onto bigger things!

Seth felt lots of love and support from both the Probert and the Bigler side on his big day.

After the ceremony we headed over to CPK (one of Seth's favorites) for some lunch with all of the family. 

We are all so proud of Seth and the hard work he has put in to earning his diploma. Thanks for all of the love and support! Now onto 10 more years of school! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Big Twenty-Two

For anyone that knows anything about me they know that I LOVE my birthday! I look forward to October all year long!  This year I was excited as always, but a little sad to be leaving behind my favorite year I have ever had! 

To start out the 'birthday month' Seth took me to see my favorite singer of all time---Carrie Underwood---She was SO amazing and by far the most talented performer I have ever seen.  Hunter Hayes opened up for her--he was also very talented! We started off the night with a little Olive Garden and then headed to the concert.  At OG pretty much every single girl (including myself) was wearing cowboy boots!

The day before my birthday my lovely grandparents took Seth and I out to P.F. Changs for a delicious birthday lunch!

After a week of midterms (and being sick) all I wanted was a the middle of my nap I hear the doorbell ring and I was suddenly not so bugged when I found that it was a delivery of flowers from my sweet husband!

Seth making me "funfetti" pancakes! Two of my favorite foods mixed into one! 

We had a yummy dinner at Tucanos! This video is embarrassing! This is what they have you do on your birthday! 

Came home to more beautiful flowers from my parents!!
(Loving all these fresh flowers in my home!!) 

Sunday--celebrating with my Bigler side of the family!

Thanks for all the birthday love!